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Past Earth Network Statistics Workshop: 'Linking Proxies to Climate via Forward Models'

Immediately following PACS2017,  a two day statistics workshop took place at Cardiff University, between the 13th and 14th of September 2017. This workshop was also sponsored by the Past Earth Network (PEN).


The key focus of the workshop was getting proxy specialists and statisticians to work together in teams to create forward models. A forward model is a mathematical description of the data generating process by which climate is transformed into proxy data. Some forward models, such as those for pollen, are well-studied in the literature and a variety of options are available. Other proxies have much less understood relationships. In particular, we wish to create forward models which capture the statistical uncertainties in each stage of the data generation process, so that these uncertainties can be honestly accommodated in the resulting climate reconstructions. The workshop contained a mixture of a few introductory talks to set the scene, but the majority of the workshop was spent in discussion groups based around individual proxies. We aimed to encourage collaboration within the discussion groups beyond the workshop, and plan for an inter-disciplinary publication and/or grant application. Those who are proxy experts attending the workshop were encouraged to bring data with them to build initial models.


There was no associated attendance fee for this workshop. All delegate expenses were covered; including travel, accommodation and the delegate dinner. However, due to the nature of the workshop, attendee numbers were limited to a maximum of 40. 

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Registration for both PACS 2017 and the PEN Statistics Workshop is now closed. Attendance confirmation emails will be sent out shortly.


Abstract submission for PACS 2017 is now closed. Confirmation emails will be sent out shortly.


Important Dates

May 2017

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June 2017

Publication of Final Program


30th June 2017

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11th - 12th September 2017

PACS 2017


13th - 14th September 2017

PEN Statistics Workshop

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